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I have previously shared commentary from my favorite economist, Brian Wesbury, and I feel his insights are wise to share again. Brian can turn economic commentary into relatable storytelling. If you are interested in understanding what the Federal Reserve is doing and how it affects our economy, recession, inflation, and investable markets, this short presentation is worth a listen. Click here to listen in.

Brian Wesbury

Chief Economist

First Trust

I might be biased, but I think Brian Wesbury is one of the most competent economists today (see picture). His take on the potential ramifications of the proposed student debt scheme should be read and shared. Debt forgiveness is just the tip of the iceberg. The ramifications could be enormous. You can read his commentary and report here when you have time.

Brian Wesbury, in his video commentary as the antidote to conventional wisdom, explains why he thinks we are not yet in a recession and the stock market is currently undervalued. Watch him here.

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