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Brian Wesbury looks at the possibility of China selling U.S debt as a defensive move against potential sanctions. As always, Wesbury offers valuable insight on current affairs. Read his commentary here.

Energy independence should be America's number one goal. Bankrupt Russia, help end Europe's dependence on energy from countries that want to do harm, reduce inflation, provide growth opportunities at home, and enhance security for the United States. Mark Grant (B.Riley Securities) has led the call for energy policies that match the dangers we face today. Hear his latest comments from today's interview CNBC.

U.S energy independence should be our number one goal in defense of our country and free countries around the globe. Mark Grant, Chief Global Strategist with B. Riley Securities, posted his daily commentary today titled: The War in Ukraine-Stand Up America. He spoke with Stuart Varney and explained his position. Watch it here and share.

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