Updated: Jan 24

The best one-sheet statistical tracker of relevant virus data available. First Trust has consistently provided current and useful information. Share This.

COVID-19 Tracker

Jeff Saut (Saut Strategy) sees the S&P 500 trading over 4000 in the next twelve months. As we remain in a secular bull market he sees a "rocketship" move coming in the market averages. See his CNBC interview here.

With 24/7 media frenzy on the latest negative report that can be found it is important to focus on facts. They can be stubborn. Brian Wesbury, of First Trust, published the first of what will be a weekly one-pager of data that is important and might not be part of the daily narrative. Top of the page take-away: 45%of COVID-19 deaths have come from nursing homes and assisted living facilities, which make up only 0.6% of the U.S. population. See the rest here.

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