Which states are most dependent on coal? While US dependence on coal as a primary source of energy is declining, it is interesting to note which states rely most heavily on this abundant resource. See the list of states here.

Brian Wesbury (First Trust Advisors) presents The Alternative to The Great Reset. Brian is one of my favorite speakers on a variety of topics. The Alternative to The Great Reset (hint: freedom) covers history, economics, faith, fly fishing, and common sense. Watch and Share!

The Great Reset is the term used by the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum is represented by the global elite meeting in Davos each year.

Michael Rectenwald is the Chief Academic Officer and co-founder of American Scholars, a pro-American education platform. This video is his presentation to the Hillsdale College Freedom Library. Professor Rectenwald provides insight into the beginnings of The Great Reset and its ultimate objectives.

You can view this video presentation here.