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U.S energy independence should be our number one goal in defense of our country and free countries around the globe. Mark Grant, Chief Global Strategist with B. Riley Securities, posted his daily commentary today titled: The War in Ukraine-Stand Up America. He spoke with Stuart Varney and explained his position. Watch it here and share.

We are in uncharted territory. To take control of your online presence, the first line of defense is to protect yourself. If you have not already done so:

Freeze your credit reports

Change your vital passwords

Have cash on hand

With the potential threat of cyber attacks, it is important to be aware of vulnerabilities and take steps to protect your financial well-being. These links help explain the process of freezing your credit reports with all three agencies. It is essential to save and protect all related passwords and PINs for future use.

How to Freeze Your Credit-For Free

Video- How to Freeze Your Credit Report

Which states are most dependent on coal? While US dependence on coal as a primary source of energy is declining, it is interesting to note which states rely most heavily on this abundant resource. See the list of states here.

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