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Learn how to make the most of Social Security


Any way you slice it, Social Security is a good deal. Unlike stock investments, Social Security provides guaranteed income to all its beneficiaries. Unlike most bond interest or dividends, Social Security payments are automatically adjusted for inflation. And unlike term insurance, Social Security lasts your entire lifetime. But when it comes to your Social Security benefits, there’s often a huge difference between a good deal and the best possible deal. 


The most important decision you will make about Social Security will be your first, and it's the one most Americans don’t understand well enough: when to start taking benefits. Timing your payments to maximize the impact of Social Security on your retirement income can be worth tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime—and can sometimes alter your quality of life in retirement.


We can help. Talk with us before you make your initial election and we will discuss the various Social Security income strategies avalable to you and your spouse.

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