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Exchange Traded Funds Rapid Growth Expected to Accelerate

"Over the past 23 years, ETFs have been changing the landscape of investing. Now a confluence of events is likely to accelerate the growth of the global assets invested in ETFs to $10 trillion in roughly five years from the $3 trillion invested in ETFs today." This statement, from Bank of New York Mellon's recent report titled Accelerating Growth:The Department of LaborConflict of Interest Rule and it's Impact on the ETF Industry, reflects the writers opinion that the new DOL Fiduciary Rule will fuel continued growth of Exchange Traded Funds.

I couldn't agree more. As an advisor with over 14 years of experience in developing and managing diversified ETF portfolios, I believe these are investment vehicles that help meet the demands of transparency and low-cost the DOL Rule outlines.This report provides the Rule's basic requirements and the solution ETFs can provide.You can read the report here. Or, you can check out an overview in an article by the reports co-authour - ETF Trends - here

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